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Manufacturer: FRAM | Partnumber: FV181 | Condition: New product

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The PCV valve is an important part of the engine, even though it may not look it. PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The PCV valve was the first of the emission system components to be put into production vehicles. Critical to Emissions Compliance Testing, these Fram PCV valves can help to ensure that your vehicle meets emissions standards. Regular maintenance helps to prevent poor engine performance, rough idling, and stalling. The replacements are available in a variety of configurations for fitment on numerous makes and models.

76-75 BRICKLIN, 72-64 CHECKER, 73-62 CHEVROLET, 73-66 CHEVROLET/GMC TRUCK, CHRIS-CRAFT (Marine), CRUSADER (Marine), EVO, FLAGSHIP (Marine), 76-63 FORD, 79-64 FORD (Gasoline), 77-64 FORD TRUCK, 72-66 GMC (Gasoline), 76-73 LINCOLN, 76-63 MERCURY, 68-64 MERCURY TRUCK, 76-73 METEOR, 70-64 METEOR, 73-65 PONTIAC, UNIVERSAL (Marine)

FRAM PCV Valve - Part number: FV181 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Terminal GenderMale
Terminal TypePush
Connector GenderMale
Mount TypeRibbed Nipple
Cap IncludedNo
Nipple DirectionStraight

Package dimensions
Width: 1.55 inch
Height: 4.80 inch
Depth: 1.55 inch
Weight: 0.08 lb