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Mr Gasket is a Western New York company that was started in the year 1949 as a manufacturer of valves and piston rings for local auto manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation. In addition they produced oil & fuel pumps, water pumps , timing sets, intake manifolds and gaskets for these same manufactures as well as others too numerous to mention.

At the time, aluminum intake manifolds were starting to replace cast iron heads on many engines. To meet this demand, Mr. Gasket developed an improved process for sealing the port openings of its manifold gaskets. The original design had a lip which was compressed by the edge of the casting and sealed with a separate cork disc inserted through the center bolt hole after installation . This design required pulling down on one side while tightening up one center bolt at a time to evenly seat the ends of these "lip" style gaskets against their ports and then equally compress and seal them around all three perimeter holes with cork discs