List of products by brand SEA FOAM

Sea Foam International, Inc. (SFI), the maker of the #1-selling multi-purpose fuel additive in North America, Sea Foam Motor Treatment, has appointed CM Frost Auto Parts Limited, its authorized distributor for the United Kingdom.

Sea Foam products are available for purchase to consumers in the United Kingdom. The UK product line includes Sea Foam Motor TreatmentSea Foam Spray Top Engine Cleaner & LubeSea Foam High Mileage motor treatment, Marine Pro, and Deep Creep penetrating oil. 

“We’re excited to be working with CM Frost as our authorized distributor in the United Kingdom,” said Michael Wagner, CEO of SFI. “This strategic relationship will match our line of top-selling products, some of which have been on the market since 1942,” stated Wagner.  

Product education is a key element to the successful launch of Sea Foam’s products in the UK.

Consumers in the UK can find Sea Foam products in stores at Unity Auto Factors and online at

Sea Foam was initially developed for the outboard motor and marine market back in the 1930s. The inventor, Fred Fandrei, owned an outboard motor and it seemed as though every time he went fishing he would have engine trouble. The problems always stemmed from the gas and oil mixture, which became gummy and formed varnish between uses.

The thought of spending more time fishing than working on the motor prompted Fred, who was a District Manager for the Sinclair Refining Company at that time and had a good knowledge of fuel, to invent a product that would stop the gas/oil mixture from becoming stale. He worked with quite a few formulas before he finally found one that gave him the right results. His first test market was at Lake Freeman, in Indiana, near where he lived. When he went fishing, he would take along his formula in beer bottles and quart jars to sell to other fishermen.