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Hooker Automotive is an US manufacturer founded in 1954 and now part of the Federal Mogul Corporation. The company manufactures different automotive components which are used mainly on Ford Models automobiles. It also produces systems to regulate air flow to the engine, exhaust gas recirculation valves and electric wiring kits along with others electronic items like sensors.

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Hooker main specialization is complete range of engine hoses, rubber hoses and wiring kits. They are available in different sizes, shapes an colors to suit all kind of applications of the vehicle. All air conditioning hoses are designed using high quality material which ensures longevity and proper performance under extreme conditions of heat or cold. Different types of stainless steel braided hoses for enhanced flow control are also avaiabed through this brand. Many other items like water pumps, thermostats along with various sensors are manufactured by this company on regular basis to ensure better efficiency rates. Catalog incudes detailed description