Driveline and Axles

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Driveline and Axles parts for American Cars - Spare Parts for American Cars in UK online store

Axles are the mechanical components that allow a vehicle to turn left or right. The axles are connected to the wheels with the help of a differential, which is an assembly that allows each wheel to rotate at different speeds. When you change gears and accelerate, the wheels rotate at different speeds.

Different cars have different numbers of axles and different types of suspensions. Some have independent suspension on all four wheels, while others have a live axle in front and leaf springs in back. A car with independent suspension has its own set of axles, while one with live axle has only one set of axles.

The car driveline is the mechanical system that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It consists of four parts: transmission, driveshaft, differential and axles.

The axles are located in the center of the car and they are connected to the differential via a driveshaft. The axle houses a CV joint which connects it to either one or two wheels. The axle also has an emergency brake drum that is used as a parking brake.