Chain and Cable Lubricant

Part number: 16CCL
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B'laster Chain and Cable Lubricant is a long-lasting formula designed specifically for use on any light-duty chain or wire cable applications. Formulated with Teflon™ Fluoropolymer to help reduce friction and wear. It prevents further rust and corrosion and sheds contaminants like mud, grass and water. It will keep equipment at peak performance by running better for longer.


  • Teflon™ Fluoropolymer Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Repels Dirt
  • Prevents Corrosion

B’laster brand products are born from professional applications where only the strongest survive. We come from a place that demands the toughest solutions, and we believe you should too. As Rust Belt Warriors, we can promise that by the time a B’laster product ends up in your hands, it’s only because the pros have told us it’s the best.

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Chain and Cable Lubricant - Part number: BLA-16CCL - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Manufacturer part number: 16-CCL - Chain and Cable Lubricant penetrating-oils

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Width: 2.50 inch
Height: 8.00 inch
Depth: 2.50 inch
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