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Dipstick, Twist Lock, Flexible Stick, Zinc Plated

Manufacturer: MOROSO PERFORMANCE | Partnumber: 25973 | Condition: New product

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  • 084663259739
Oil Dipstick, Twist Lock, Flexable Stick, Zinc Plated With Bendable Outer Tube; Adjustable Clamp, Hi Temperature Nylon Handle

-Efficient twist-lock design eliminates oil leakage, blowing out of handle and prevents crankcase gasses from escaping
-In Dyno testing, engines equipped with our twist-lock dipstick pulled more vacuum than engines equipped with standard, non-locking dipstick
-High temperature nylon handle dissipates heat for checking oil level on hot engines
-Flexible stick zinc-plated, bendable outer tube adjustable clamp
-1/4in NPT steel, weld-in fitting supplied for pans that do not already have that provision
-Existing infullin and infillin dipstick marks can be used as-is, or new marks can be added to indicate desired oil level
-Tube and universal mounting tab can be bent or modified to accommodate engine compartment clearances and mounting location
-Dimensions: overall length, including exposed portion of dipstick

Dipstick, Twist Lock, Flexible Stick, Zinc Plated - Part number: 25973 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Package dimensions
Width: 8.00 inch
Height: 1.50 inch
Depth: 29.50 inch
Weight: 0.90 lb