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Manufacturer: HOLLEY RetroBright
Part number: LFRB115
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Holley RetroBright LED Headlight - Yellow Lens (Utilizes 5700K Bulb)

7 in. Round - Upgrade For Sealed Beam Headlight Systems - Sold Individually

We all love the look of classic sealed beam headlights, but the dim halogen light output makes nighttime driving a potentially risky endeavor for you and your beloved classic. Holley's new RetroBright LED Headlights offer a number of advantages over traditional sealed beam headlights such as plug and play compatibility, better visibility, and over 5 times longer life. Not only that, but because they are LED they take up less space, create far less heat, and use less power than other headlights. Our low-profile housing design fits most shallow headlight buckets found on classic cars without the hassle of cutting or drilling. Holley worked closely with Morimoto, a leader in lighting design, to develop our line-up of lighting solutions that boast a classic look with modern lighting technology. A special PWM LED driver resides inside of the headlight to keep the LEDs running at their peak intensity, even during prolonged periods of use. For example, the 7 in. Round LED produces 32,000 Candela for low beam, and 53,000 Candela for high beam, which is nearly three times more light output than your original headlights

RetroBright has offerings to fit most classic and modern vehicles that utilize the popular 5.75 in. round, 7 in. round, 4 in.x6 in. rectangular, and 5 in.x7 in. rectangular headlight housings. They're available in 3000 Kelvin and 5700 Kelvin color temperatures depending on whether you're looking for that classic lighting hue or want an even brighter, more modern look. And if your vehicle feels more at home across the pond, we also offer headlights with yellow lenses for that European flair

*Sold individually. Order 2 for a dual headlight vehicle, 4 for a quad headlight setup

Sealed Beam Standards: PAR56

For vehicles with extremely shallow headlight buckets, compare your available space to the drawings found above to determine sufficient space. Not all years and vehicles will have the exact same dimensions due to year or manufacturing differences as well as potential modifications from previous owners.

Adapters/Harnesses for installation:

H810 - Quad Low / Quad High Parallel Harness

H820 - H4 Pin-Out Adapter / Other Industry Standard Plugs

Bulb Removal requires T-20 Torx Bit

*RetroBright also carries White, Amber, and Red LED versions of both 1156, 1157, and T10/194 bulbs as well as adapters, harnesses, and flasher relays.

LED SEALED 7IN ROUND YELLOW - Part number: HRB-LFRB115 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Manufacturer part number: LFRB115 - LED SEALED 7IN ROUND YELLOW headlight

Data sheet

Cast Aluminum
7 in.
Lighting Color
Modern White
Product Type
Bulb Type
Lens Material
Holley RetroBright
32,000cd (Low) / 53,000cd (High)
Color Temperature
Input Voltage
9-18V DC
Light Traffic Pattern
LHD Drive Only
Lumens (LED)
2000lm (Low) / 3000lm (High)
25w (Low) / 30w (High)
Sealed Beam Standard

Package dimensions

Width: 9.00 inch
Height: 9.00 inch
Depth: 6.00 inch
Weight: 3.00 lb