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Engine Flush Oil *Extend your Equipment Life*

Manufacturer: NO SMOKE OIL | Partnumber: 500MLF | Condition: New product

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Developed and Formulated by the same Team at No Smoke Oil (UK) we are launching a new

Engine and Equipment Flush Oil.


  •          Safely Dissolves Deposits
  •          Neutralises Acids
  •          Cleans Metal Surfaces to reduce operating temperatures
  •          Reduces Hydraulic Spikes and System Wear.

Directions for Use:

  1.        Add to existing Oil in the ratio 1 :10
  2.        Operation Engine for 30 to 45 Minutes and Drain
  3.        Change Oil Filter and refill with recommended oil.

**If using the oil in conjunction with our No Smoke oil range follow the

Flush oil instructions on the No Smoke Oil Container. **

Non Global Shipping Programme (nonGSP)

Engine Flush Oil *Extend your Equipment Life* - Part number: 500MLF - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Package dimensions
Width: 2.00 inch
Height: 8.00 inch
Depth: 5.00 inch
Weight: 1.00 lb