Disc Brake Pad

Manufacturer: WAGNER QuickStop
Part number: ZD154
MPN: ZD154
UPC: 08536320579
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Wagner® Quickstop® ceramic brake pads are designed, tested and certified to ensure a vehicle’s braking system will be restored to original equipment performance.

Buick Century (F) 81-78; Electra (R) 79-77; Estate Wagon (R) 79-77; LeSabre (R) 80-77;

Disc Brake Pad - Part number: WQS-ZD154 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Manufacturer part number: ZD154 - Disc Brake Pad disc-brake-pad-set

Package dimensions

Width: 6.50 inch
Height: 2.50 inch
Depth: 9.50 inch
Weight: 3.25 lb