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Sea Foam Deep Creep. 2 Pack

Manufacturer: SEA FOAM | Partnumber: DC14_2 | Condition: New product

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  • 018812000033

Nothing compares!

We dare you to try Deep Creep’s quick-acting, petroleum-based formula against any penetrating oil or and
spray you’ve ever used. Deep Creep breaks surface tension and cuts through corrosion and deposits of all
kinds to loosen, lubricate, clean and protect parts and mechanisms.
Use Deep Creep to Clean, Penetrate, and Lubricate these Shop Items:
-Throttle Plates
-Engine Parts
-Wheels and Rollers
-Air Tools
-Ball Bearings
-Gently Dissolves Road Tar and Grime

Use Deep Creep to Clean, Penetrate and Lubricate these Household and Sporting Good items:
-Locks, Hinges, Drawer Slides
-Bicycle Parts
-Outdoor Equipment
-Yard Tools and Equipment
-Trailers and Trailer Hitch Inserts

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Sea Foam Deep Creep. 2 Pack - Part number: DC14_2 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Manufacturer part number: DC14_2 - Sea Foam Deep Creep. 2 Pack penetrating-oils

Package dimensions
Width: 2.70 inch
Height: 8.00 inch
Depth: 2.70 inch
Weight: 1.00 lb