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BBQ COCONUT SHELL BY CUE -5KG BOX * Lowest Co2 in the World *

Manufacturer: CUE CHARCOAL | Partnumber: CH05 | Condition: New product

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Qty: 10, Delivery time: 1 working days

  • Cue Charcoal is 100% natural, made from tropical coconut shells.
  • 100% free from artificial additives and chemicals.
  • Cue charcoal burns hotter than conventional charcoal
  • Cue Charcoal Burns longer and is much cleaner with reduced sparks and ash.
  • Briquettes are 50mm x 50mm x 32mm
  • Environmentally friendly - No tree were Felled to make this product

Cue Charcoal produce  less smoke than traditional charcoal  allowing you to  experience the true taste of food.
Coconut shell charcoal -  the least Co2 emitting charcoal in the world.
Use Cue Charcoal, conserve fossil fuels.
Larger quantities and volume discounts available please email me. 
Raw Material :                 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal 
Shape :                           Pillow  
Dimension :                     50mm x 50mm x 32mm 
Fixed Carbon :                  65% 
Volatile Material                15-20%
Ash                                  10-15% 
Moisture Below                  5% 

BBQ COCONUT SHELL BY CUE -5KG BOX * Lowest Co2 in the World * - Part number: CH05 - for American Cars - delivery to the UK and the EU

Package dimensions
Width: 4.00 inch
Height: 10.00 inch
Depth: 8.00 inch
Weight: 4.00 lb